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“Hi there, Johanna!

It’s Katie and Lukas! I wanted to drop you a quick little note to thank you for all you did for me and Lukas last summer. The training and tips you gave me honestly changed my dog and the relationship we have. Lukas is nearing his second birthday, and he is a completely different dog than the one I bought a year ago, and it is all thanks to you. For a week at Christmas, Lukas was around about 20 people and 3 different dogs, and he was the most well behaved of everyone – dogs and humans included. I can take him anywhere and everywhere. My brother and sister in law have a newborn baby, and I was a little worried about taking Lukas around him, but Lukas did wonderful – so sweet and gentle.

I can’t thank you enough for everything! We are still considering joining the GSD Sunday Training Crew, so maybe we will see you sometime soon.”

What Jo's Clients Are Saying

A Better Dog

“Thank you Johanna for your expertise. You made Rudy a better dog and our life with him so much easier. I promise to continue to work with him so he can become the best he can be. We will keep in touch.” Read More

So Impressed

“Thank you for everything. We are excited to keep working with Shelby. With your help she is becoming the dog we were hoping for. We are so impressed with her progress.” Read More

She is Learning!

“I have been working very hard with Izzy, AND she is LEARNING. I absolutely love what you are doing with us. You are absolutely fantastic!” Read More

Well Behaved Little Pal

“Johanna, thanks so much for all your encouragement and training. I was really getting to feel hopeless with his training until we met you. You have made it easy on both of us and especially enjoyable for Okie. I sure enjoy my nice, well behaved little pal now.” Read More

Truly a Pleasure

“Hello Johanna, It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your time and patience!” Read More

Life Changing is Not an Exaggeration

“Johanna’s extensive knowledge and experience was exactly what I needed. She provided me with breed specific training tailored to my dog. Life changing is not an exaggeration of the progress we’ve made in 6 short weeks.” Read More