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“Hi there, Johanna!

It’s Katie and Lukas! I wanted to drop you a quick little note to thank you for all you did for me and Lukas last summer. The training and tips you gave me honestly changed my dog and the relationship we have. Lukas is nearing his second birthday, and he is a completely different dog than the one I bought a year ago, and it is all thanks to you. For a week at Christmas, Lukas was around about 20 people and 3 different dogs, and he was the most well behaved of everyone – dogs and humans included. I can take him anywhere and everywhere. My brother and sister in law have a newborn baby, and I was a little worried about taking Lukas around him, but Lukas did wonderful – so sweet and gentle.

I can’t thank you enough for everything! We are still considering joining the GSD Sunday Training Crew, so maybe we will see you sometime soon.”

What Jo's Clients Are Saying

She is Learning!

“I have been working very hard with Izzy, AND she is LEARNING. I absolutely love what you are doing with us. You are absolutely fantastic!”

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Truly a Pleasure

“Hello Johanna, It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your time and patience!”

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Superb Guidance

“I thank you for all of your superb guidance and kind words. We couldn’t have found a better coach and teacher!”

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A Phenomenal Job

“I just had to share how impressed everyone is with Shoney. I know I worked with her, but it was you and your skills that made this trip and staying here with Shoney far more wonderful.”

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Much Happier, Obedient Boy

“I can honestly say each issue was addressed and totally cleared up! He has learned manners and is a much happier, obedient boy. I learned so much myself and feel much more confident handling him!”

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